Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel specifics
  • What time is check in/out?
    You can check-in anytime before 2.30 PM. Check-out is before 11.30 AM

  • Will it be possible to check in early or check out late?
    It is possible to arrange an early check-in depending on hotel's availability. For late check-outs it is applied an overcharge if it occurs before 6 PM.

  • Will there be a luggage storage at the hotel in case of early arrival or late departure? 
    Yes, the hotel is equipped with a free of charge luggage storage.

  • Will there be a garage or a parking lot? How much will it cost?
    MarePineta Resort has a fenced private garage with 80 bookable parking spaces.It is monitored by closed circuit camera but unattended. The cost is 18 €/day per car.

  • Are pets permitted in your hotel? Which size? Will there apply an overcharge? 
    We accept small size animals up to 20 kg. It will be applied a 30 € overcharge. Access to the animals is not permitted on the beach, in the restaurant and in the pool area.

  • Will there be children's animation? For what age? Which activities will be provided? 
    The hotel has a Miniclub and Junior Club service featuring many educational activities for children (from 4 to 12 years old).

  • Do you organize tours or excursions? 
    Yes. The hotel is equipped with a local expert exclusively dedicated to tours and excursions.

  • Which services are included in BAR base rate in B&B ? 
    Rates include overnight stay, buffet breakfast, pool access with its services dedicated to our guest.


  • How many rooms has the hotel?
    The hotel has two facilities: Villa Regina ****S which has 83 rooms and apartments and a completely renewed historical building: Casa Madre*****,which has 89 rooms, Suite and Regal Suite.

  • Are there any rooms with balcony or terrace?
    Yes, some rooms are equipped with balcony or terrace.

  • Are there sea view rooms?
    Yes, some of the Superior, Deluxe and Junior Rooms at Villa Regina have sea view.

  • Are there rooms with parquet?
    All the rooms come with parquet.

  • Are the bathrooms equipped with showers or bathtubs?
    All the bathrooms have a shower or a bathtub or both.

  • Are there familiy rooms or connecting rooms?
    Yes, the hotel has family rooms and apartments.

  • Are baby cots available at your hotel? Will they be charged?
    Free baby cots, which are suitable for infants under 3 years of age are available at the hotel.

  • What is the maximum number of guests allowed in a room?
    Apartments can accomodate up to 5 people.

  • Do you have any rooms suited for people with disabilities? 
    Yes, the hotel has 3 rooms suited for people with disabilities.

  • Is smoking permitted in your hotel?
    No, smoking is not permitted in the hotel rooms.

  • Does the rooms have air conditioned? 
    Yes, all the rooms have air conditioned.

  • Will I be able to tune in to internatinal broadcasts (Satellite TV) or Sky channels?
    Yes, all the rooms are equipped with Sky satellite TV. 
  • How many restaurants has the hotel?
    The hotel has a main restaurant and another on the beach: MarePineta Beach restaurant.

  • What is the restaurant opening hours? 
    The restaurant is open from 1 PM to 2.30 PM and from 8 PM to 10.30 PM.

  • At what time is breakfast served? 
    Breakfast is served from 7 AM to 11 AM.

  • Is breakfast included in the price?
    Yes, breakfast is always included in the room rate.

  • Is restaurant buffet or à la carte? What kind of catering will it offer?
    The hotel offers an excellent à la carte gourmet restaurant on its private beach. It offers buffet appetizers and desserts with à la carte service for the other courses.

  • Are beverages included in half or full pension?
    Beverages are never included in both half and full pension.

  • Does the hotel offer celiacs friendly menu?
    On request, the hotel offers a celiacs friendly menu. Please report your needs at the moment of reservation.

  • Does the hotel offer vegetarian or vegan menu?
    On request, the hotel offers vegetarian or vegan menu. Please report your needs at the moment of reservation.

  • Does the hotel offer children menu? 
    On request, the hotel offers children menu. Please report your needs at the moment of reservation. 

  • Are children high chairs available in the restaurant?
    Yes, we have free of charge children high chairs.

  • Does the hotel have a private beach?
    Yes, the hotel has the Mare Pineta Beach Club.

  • Is beach service included? What equipment will it include?
    Beach service is included in half and full pension.You will have 1 Umbrella  2 sun beds from third row. For further information please visit: http://www.jsh-hotels.com/marepineta/it-IT/beachclub

  • How far is the nearest beach?
    The beach is located 50 m from the hotel.

  • How am I able to reach the beach?
    You can easily get to it on foot.
  • Is the beach rocky or sandy? Has it any slopes?
    It is a sandy beach.

  • Will you provide for towels for the pools or in case i decide to go to the beach?
    The hotel offers a free beach towel per person to its guests.

  • Will there be beach animation?
    No there will not be beach animation

  • Are pets allowed on the beach?
    Pets are allowed in the MarePineta facility. However they are not allowed inside the restaurants and on the private beach.
  • Are the pools at the hotel internal or external? What are their size?
    The hotel has a outdoor pool: 33 m x 11 x 0.8-1.2

  • When am I able to access the pool?
    Pools are open every day from 9 AM to 6 PM.

  • Will I have to wear a swim cap?
    No, you will not. 

  • Will it be possible to buy a swim cap or a bathing suit at the hotel?
    No, these articles are not for sale at the hotel.

  • Does the hotel offer a towel? At what cost? 
    Yes, the hotel will provide for the towel, which is included in the room rate.

  • Can children access the swimming pool? From which age?
    Children from 3 years of age can access the pool if accompanied by their parents.

  • Is the pool suited for children? How deep is it?
    The pool is 1,20 m deep. Children from 3 to 12 years of age can access if accompanied by their parents.

  • Will there be a lifeguard?
    Yes, there will be a lifeguard during pool's opening times.

  • Do you organize swimming classes?
    No, we do not organize swimming class.


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