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Kids & Families

At MarePineta Resort children are certainly welcome! To demonstrate the attention we pay to these special guests, we provide various services and lots of space for fun and child safety. There are activities with experienced animators at the mini club and junior club throughout the day, including meal times, special menus in our restaurant, spaces that can meet the needs of family travelers and a small pool next to the larger one, with continuous water jet mushroom for the maximum enjoyment of children, within reach of mum and dad.
The tennis club organizes specific courses for children, while at the beach we offer many moments of play and entertainment connected to the world of the sea. Together with the Local Coach present in the structure, children can live extraordinary experiences even outside the resort, including horseback riding, canoeing or boat trips, visits to natural parks, and sports activities.



a private and safe place

Children on the beach

MarePineta Beach is an exclusive space in the heart of Milano Marittima, one of the most well-kept, spacious and refined private beaches of this stretch of the Romagna coast. In addition to the lounge bar and the beach restaurant, which offers excellent cuisine every day in the summer, there are spaces dedicated to children, with outdoor games and organized activities. A part of the program of mini club and junior club provides in fact several moments of non-invasive entertainment on the beach. This allows parents to relax in the sun while the little ones play in peace in a space of their own.



dedicated menus and spaces

Children at the table

We provide menus dedicated to children, with classics so loved by children. Every day the group of animators will have lunch and dinner together with the children, to welcome them and allow them to share the meal ritual with their peers. A moment loved by children of all ages precisely because it is designed and shared specifically for them.

for every band of age

Games and Fun

The activities vary according to the age group of children, with specific programs distributed in morning, afternoon and evening activities including:

  • Manuals and laboratories
  • Group games
  • Team play
  • Sports tournaments
  • Olympic Games in the pool
  • Treasure hunt
  • Theme nights
  • Baby Dance

Beach activities related to the world of the sea are organized:

  • Team play
  • Play in and with water
  • Sand castle races
  • Swimming lessons
  • Tournaments
  • Olympic Games
  • Ball games
  • Sailing at MarePineta Beach
together at Local Coach

Tour and excursions for children



Our Local Coach organizes guided outings for families with children, such as:

  • Horseback riding
  • Canoeing
  • Luna Park
  • Water parks
  • Nature parks (Cervia Salt Pans, Po Delta, Cervia Natural Park)
  • Sports activities: sailing lessons, tennis lessons, water skiing
  • Visit to the "Butterfly House"
  • Boat trips

For information, contact our Local Coach present in the structure.

Location & Contacts

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T +39 0544 992263 - F +39 0544 992739
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