Milano Marittima

Nature & Worldliness

Always synonymous with refined worldliness to consume between restaurants and upscale shops, exclusive nightclubs and trendy bars, Milano Marittima attracts select tourism every summer, looking for a fun and upscale but not massive or confusing experience. Prestigious brand shops and luxury boutiques with the most renowned brands offer plenty of choice for those who love a shopping spree, including designer clothes and trendy footwear, accessories and jewelry. In the evening, Milano Marittima become a trendy place, with its local glamor to enjoy rich aperitifs, as is traditional in these places while admiring the sea or along the charming and typical pathways immersed in the pine forest, between charming villas and tree-lined avenues. Along the streets of the city center, you will find bars and exclusive clubs which are distinguished in terms of design, aesthetics and style, quality of service and meticulous attention to detail. Those who love nightlife will not be bored in Milano Marittima. The most exclusive clubs, the historical ones that have become a real trend in the Adriatic coast, are found here along with the disco “Pineta” in the lead. VIPs and celebrities frequently attend this place, attracted by the countless possibilities for entertainment and social life, dancing and late nights, music and beautiful sunrises over the ocean.

Milano Marittima

"Garden city" from 1911 to today...

In early 1900, a group of illustrious people from Milan opened the way for what for years will become the capital of fun. The Milan bourgeoisie had chosen this place to vacation in the summer, creating Milano Marittima, (“Milano By The Sea”). An uninhabited place turned into an exclusive destination that during the twentieth century was to become one of the most popular seaside resort areas on the Adriatic Coast. Inspired by the idea of a ​​"garden city", Milano Marittima was built within a lush natural garden: the pine forest, a few steps from the sea. In the '20s and' 30s it became a regular destination of prominent personalities from the world of culture and art, such as Grazia Deledda, who in '27 became an honorary citizen, or such as poets Ungaretti and Luzi. After the liveliness of the 60s, it is in the 80s that Milano Marittima became the veritable epicenter of Italian summers. With the relaunch of the popular Pineta disco and Vip Tennis tournaments, events have been hosted by former tennis stars as Nicola Pietrangeli and national film and television comedians like Diego Abatantuono and Claudio Bisio. Since then, Milano Marittima is the undisputed destination of a select tourism, the most exclusive worldliness, luxury hotels, trendy bars, sea and fun.


Care for the environment

In addition to the pine forest, "the forest where I often live" celebrated by Dante and Byron which covers about 260 hectares, the area of ​​Cervia and Milano Marittima is renowned for the precious salt mines are spread over 827 hectares and already a nature reserve. It is here the pink flamingos pass, and many other extraordinary species too. In 1963 it was established as a nature reserve of 27 hectares and a wide range of pine forest of 24 hectares serves as a green “lung” between the beach and the resorts of Pinarella and Tagliata. The set of this environmental heritage is the South Station of the Park of the Po Delta. Not to be missed for lovers of nature; the Musa-salt museum, and the ancient salt flats of Camillone, a real salt museum in the open. The city is home to the Cervia Environment Foundation, thanks to which every year there are famous seminars, environmental tours and special awards given to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the environmental sector, including Konrad Lorenz, Jacques Yves Cousteau, Piero Angela, Folco Quilici, and Sting.


Wood & Sea

The towns of Cervia and Milano Marittima have always paid great attention to nature, all things green, to the pine forest and flowers. Since the 70's the international event "May in Bloom" has been held here. It is a part of a wider program aimed at the promotion of Cervia and Milano Marittima as "Garden Cities", and it is a “must” for national "landscape architects" and "master gardeners ". Cervia also was the first resort on the Adriatic Coast, since 1968, to adopt an impressive system of water purification, which guarantees a clean sea all year round. The city has won several major awards reflecting the care and attention given to the environment, one of which is the Blue Flag award that identifies the best Italian beaches. "Wood and sea"recited the first publications appearing in Milano Marittima in the early twentieth century. Even today the combination of words best describes and represents this charming place.


SPA & Nature

Cervia and Milano Maritime are also famous for the baths and mineral-rich properties of the mud extracted from the salt flats. A large spa exploits the property benefits of bromine-iodine thermal waters, and offers endless curative and wellness programs, including therapeutic baths, mud treatments, physiotherapy, massage and treatment. The principle of "spas" is lived here not only as therapy but as the time to devote to wellness and recreation.

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